Week 13 2016: Escape from LA


We discuss Tom Brady’s 200th win Sunday against the Jets, the health of the team, and what we would change about the NFL (spoilers: a lot), then take a look at our upcoming game against Jared Goff and the LA St. Louis LA Rams.

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Week 12 2016: Leaving on a Jet Plane


We discuss homecoming king Tom Brady’s dominant performance against the 49ers, the Alan Branch suspension, our favorite Patriots RBs, and our upcoming trip to New Jersey to play Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets.

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Week 10 2016: Mid-Season Awards and Recap (ft. @PatsCap)


We name both our best and most disappointing Patriots players of the half-season, interview salary cap expert Miguel of @PatsCap (26:33), and preview our upcoming Super Bowl XLIX rematch against the 5-2-1 Seattle Seahawks.

Also check out Miguel’s website PatsCap.com, and the Bread of Life charity linked to at the bottom of his page.

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