We’ve been taken aback by a surge of support the last several weeks, as a podcast that averaged 200 listeners a week since it started this season jumped up to 300, 500, and 700+ in consecutive episodes.

We love making The Official r/Patriots Podcast and it’s an honor that you’ve helped us take off. But success brings both opportunities and costs. So we’re hoping to raise money on Patreon to fund things like…

  • Dedicated servers (which we are now popular enough to need to pay for)
  • Domain names
  • A dedicated MA phone number to take calls from prominent interviewees that don’t use Skype
  • Better microphones and other equipment
  • Professional level audio editing software
  • And, if we raise enough, prizes for contests and other fun promotions

We still have no plans to profit off of this podcast or acquire sponsors. We just want funds to help us do our jobs and makeĀ The Official r/Patriots Podcast the best it can possibly be.

If you enjoy the podcast and can afford it, please consider helping us take this to the next level by visiting and becoming a patron!