Super Bowl LI: The Drive for Five (ft. Lee Schechter)


We discuss Opening Night, the intersection of politics and football, coaching news, and the Pro Bowl, interview Bleacher Report writer Lee Schechter (14:10), and then take a more detailed look ahead at Super Bowl LI, and how we think the Patriots will handle Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Vic Beasley and the Falcons.

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Pre-Super Bowl LI: Lucky Number 7/11 (ft. Jerry Thornton)

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

We discuss our 36-17 victory over the Steelers to give Brady and Belichick their record seventh (and the franchise’s record ninth) trip to the Super Bowl, talk Garoppolo trade rumors, interview Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports about his new book From Darkness to Dynasty: The First 40 Years of The New England Patriots (34:43), and take a quick look ahead at Super Bowl LI in Houston, where the Patriots will take on Matt Ryan and the Falcons.

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Conference Championships 2016-17: The B Movie (ft. Erik Frenz)


We discuss our 34-16 victory over the Texans, the salty Seahawks, one more year of McDaniels and Patricia, and the LA Chargers, interview Erik Frenz about his new book Bill Belichick vs. the NFL: The Case for the NFL’s Greatest Coach (34:11), and then look ahead at the AFC Championship, where Blount, Bennett, Butler, Brady and Bill Belichick’s Patriots will host Bell, Brown, Boswell, Big Ben and the Steelers.

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2016 Season Awards and Recap (ft. @PatsCap)


We look back at our first victory in Miami in four years as well as the regular season as a whole, talk about why Brady should win MVP (but probably won’t), interview Patriots salary cap savant Miguel aka @PatsCap (39:07), and hand out our end-of-season awards to the best and most disappointing players on the team.

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Week 15 2016: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


We discuss the team’s dominant offensive and defensive performance against the Ravens on Monday Night Football, jinxing Justin Tucker, kick return troubles, the MVP race, our favorite and least favorite announcers, and how we think the Patriots will stack up against Denver’s top ranked pass defense when they return to Mile High Stadium next week.

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Week 14 2016: The King Stay the King


We discuss Tom Brady’s record 201st win of his career, our reactions to Rob Gronkowski’s season-ending back surgery, the improvement of our defense and OL—including Marcus Cannon’s five-year extension—who the Patriots might draft next year, and how we stack up against the Baltimore Ravens and their #1 ranked rush defense.

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